Sunday, July 25, 2010

College Girlfriends Inspired Me to Write This Book

Some people have asked where I got the inspiration for my book. Here's the scoop: I spent four summers studying in Europe and had fabulous experiences with the native men. Every time I returned home, I was bombarded with questions from girlfriends about the guys, flirting tips, and hot spots...never mind what I studied! When I was graduating, the girls urged me to write a tip book. I wanted them to have excellent man-meeting experiences too, so I did. Some of those girls are in this Vanderbilt University dance/cheer team photo. I'm on the bottom row, far left.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Answer to Video Question

I have been asked who makes my videos. I do. I write, location scout, and edit. I am also the stylist, wardrobe mistress, and hair & makeup artist:)... Well, the videos are of me so wardrobe consists of opening the closet and pulling something out. My dad does the filming. It is his first attempt. I think he is getting pretty good! See for yourself. Take a look at my fun, informative, short videos at: