Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Publishers Weekly Drive By Video

Publishers Weekly Senior Contributing Editor, Barbara Vey, made this Drive By Video with me. In her introduction she said, "Please enjoy meeting debut author Katherine Cahoon who I predict everyone will know her name in the next few years." I really enjoyed meeting Barbara!

Amazon Interview

Amazon Reviewer, Crystal Fulcher, featured me in her Reading Room. The interview was a walk down Memory Lane! She asked me a variety of questions from personal to book-related. Basically, it's like a Katherine 411. On to the Reading Room... My Reading Room: Author Interview: Katherine Chloe Cahoon

Sunday, July 25, 2010

College Girlfriends Inspired Me to Write This Book

Some people have asked where I got the inspiration for my book. Here's the scoop: I spent four summers studying in Europe and had fabulous experiences with the native men. Every time I returned home, I was bombarded with questions from girlfriends about the guys, flirting tips, and hot spots...never mind what I studied! When I was graduating, the girls urged me to write a tip book. I wanted them to have excellent man-meeting experiences too, so I did. Some of those girls are in this Vanderbilt University dance/cheer team photo. I'm on the bottom row, far left.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Answer to Video Question

I have been asked who makes my videos. I do. I write, location scout, and edit. I am also the stylist, wardrobe mistress, and hair & makeup artist:)... Well, the videos are of me so wardrobe consists of opening the closet and pulling something out. My dad does the filming. It is his first attempt. I think he is getting pretty good! See for yourself. Take a look at my fun, informative, short videos at: http://tiny.cc/93qki